Friday, September 4, 2015

Tenino Baptism.. (Plesha Shoots)

Possibly spent more on coin-op dryers than on beers or motorcycle parts..  

Midnight health.

Cool running bikes, overheated human.

I think it's still 1993 in Tenino, WA.  Eagles Lodge was priceless...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bowels of Mexico... HITW-4.

Caught this guy jumping off a bridge...  Go check his HITW-4 gallery out..  HERE!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Polish Program.


     A diet of high life, hot dogs & mustard really helps the process.  The whole time you're wondering what sort of evolutionary theories explain the deep animal draw to shiny objects. You may wake up with 800 grit sandpaper stuck to your shirt and realize the paint is drying in the spray gun. There's a deep concern for hand grease, compulsive hand-washing, wondering if the respirator filter is spent..  
     This is not my job; more so something to get lost in after work.  Every one of these seems to steer it's own direction at some point.  Working in a narrow spectrum, but trying to make it your own in small ways.  People love touching new paint jobs, rubbing dirt into them.  I printed these decals, don't worry.  Hours of sanding, dog hair in the wind.  Thanks to anyone who's encouraged me or been confident enough to hand over a tank!  I got lost, where'd the time go? 

-Zach's new tank.. Z&Z fab bros. narrowed, massaged, de-tunneled, 1.6 gallons of fun, smoked salmon schmear.

-My personal tank, redone, revisited.  Backyard brown.